Sydney here I come…


I’ve used this image as my iPad background for a while now and each time I turn it on I’m reminded of my previous visits and how much I enjoyed my time in Sydney. Soon I’ll have new photos to share because I’ll be flying to Australia again tonight to enjoy a summer vacation with my parents. I’m super excited to go back 😀

California Winter


Palm trees and snow, both within reach; that’s the beauty of California.

It amazes me every time what a big difference a bit of rain can make, how much it refreshes everything and how quickly the dry, brown earth turns green.

One of my best friends and I went on a two hour hike the other day and were able to walk alongside a rushing stream that flowed down through the canyon. The sound of the water was the only noise that accompanied our footsteps. Usually our feet would stay dry on this path but this time, with our criss-crossing the stream using stones we hoped were stable enough to hold our weight, we ended up with wet shoes and socks.

It was so worth it.


The Hotel Cafe


My friend and I saw Eliza Rickman at the Hotel Cafe this past week. It is my second time seeing her there (both times thanks to my friend taking me– he has seen her more often 🙂 ).

I’ve mentioned her and her music before; for anyone that hasn’t heard her songs and her beautiful voice, I’d highly recommend looking her up!

The venue is awesome too– very small, very intimate; it’s definitely worth a visit.

Foggy Morning


The fog this morning was the heaviest I’ve seen in this area in a long time and the temperature hovered just around 4 degrees Celsius.

I love the eerie mood of these shots and the monochromatic look despite the fact that these are color photos; you probably wouldn’t have guessed it if it wasn’t for the traffic lights 😉


Matter of Perspective

Which seems more natural to you? Are you someone that focuses on the minute details and things in your immediate reach or do you prefer to dream, to look at the big picture and see how all things work together?

Each paradigm yields different information– sometimes the details are the important bits and sometimes they’re a distraction that keeps you from seeing what is really going on. Sometimes seeing too much at a time leads to paralysis since there’s no clear beginning and no clear end.

Balance is key. Life is made up of so many different situations that call upon so many different skill sets. Each situation is unique. Each person is unique. Each opportunity is unique.

The choice is yours– when will you focus in and when will you pull away?

Fire in the Sky…


Fire in the sky…

A fire rages in the sky every day just before dusk– the final embers of the day flare up one last time before dying and giving way to night.

It’s a regenerating force, a necessary pruning to make way for something fresh, one that clears away that which as gone and reveals opportunities to start anew.

Every day has potential for sun, for rain, for hail, for snow, for thunderbolt and lightning (very, very frightening…)– each one is a chance for a new experience.

Moments  of pure gold may be rare, but they do exist. Sometimes you just have to forge them for yourself instead of striking them by pure luck.

For Food’s Sake: Colorful Omelette


Is there anything better than breakfast? I love a good egg in the morning– soft boiled with slices of toast to dip into the yolk, over-easy with crispy prosciutto cut into the whites, simple scrambled, or hearty omelettes.

I like experimenting with the things I cut into scrambled eggs/omelettes and this colorful combo of ingredients made this meal super yummy. I had quite a selection of veggies in the fridge so I had plenty of options to choose from.

Here I used radishes, red onions, yellow and green bell peppers, peppered turkey breast, and a mix of cheese that I added at the end. The eggs I seasoned to taste simply with salt and pepper. The variety of tastes, textures, and colors was superb. I’d definitely recommend it 🙂

Happy and healthy eating!