Streets of LA

Ines Beatrice. “Last Chance to Escape.” September 2017.

Coming down from Elysian Park and Angel’s Point took us over the Elysian Park Overpass just above the 110. As I got into position to take the first photo a truck with city workers drove by and they told me “you need a permit to take photos here.” I found that odd, but since I was told off by a security guard for taking photos of the skyscrapers on Grand Avenue when I was still little I thought for a second they might be serious. “Really?” I asked. “No, we’re just kidding,” they said and they drove off after wishing me a nice day. It was a silly little interaction I grant you, but still, it’s something to share.

Driving the winding roads down the hill took us past some colorful street signs– I have no idea what it all means, if anything; I hope it’s nothing sinister. I especially like the revised speed limit— imagine going so fast your car turns into a purple blob.

Once our day in LA was finished we went and picked up a coffee and pastry at Blue Bottle in the Arts District. It’s a charming coffee shop in an area that’s often used for filming. Plus there’s usually something fun with graffiti going on there too, as you can see from the colorful Willow Studios wall of hearts, so you can definitely use it for some cool photo shoots. Be warned, you’ll probably have to circle around a bit for parking though 😉

Let me know if you’ve ever used the Arts District for photo shoots and feel free to share your work 😀


Ines ❀



Elysian Park


The day started early, around 4am, so we could get to our first destination in LA by sunrise. As you can see, traffic got in the way of that a little bit, but with the camera ever at the ready even this small setback could be turned into a triumph.

I love the way the moon still hovered over the city as the sun started bathing LA in her golden rays.

Our first photo location was Elysian Park. It’s amazing how just a short drive takes you out of the hustle and bustle to this very peaceful and serene place; it’s a world of its own, and on a clear day I bet the view is breathtaking.

Using the camera my friends got me for my birthday a while back I was able to see Dodger Stadium quite clearly– I’ve never actually been there, but I got pretty close with the zoom, right? 😉

Ines ❀

I don’t often title my photographs, but if I did I would call this one “Early Morning Shift.”


Chinatown Metro


I spent yesterday morning in LA scouting some locations for future photo shoots and checking places out that other people recommended online.

One of the stops on the list was the Chinatown Metro station. I have to admit that I’ve never actually taken the metro (or any trains) in California, mostly because it’s not ever a convenient means of transport when I’m going somewhere, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am fascinated by trains and tracks and all that goes along with them.

This collection shows some of the views that caught my eye. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing other photos from different locations soon!


Ines ❀




I’ve recently had the chance to photograph a subject I haven’t worked with a lot before: instruments!

One of my best friends is in a band now (he plays guitar and bass) and I’ve been able to attend four of his shows in the last few weeks. It’s brilliant– not only can I be there to support my friend and enjoy the performance, but I also get to act as photographer and capture the moments for them.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the band, Waker Glass (@waker_glass), and to see some photos from their recent shows.



A poem inspired by the German fairy tale “Undine” by Friedrich de la Motte FouquĂ©. It’s been years since I’ve read this story, but somehow the image of a water spirit wouldn’t leave me alone today and so I wrote this as a result.

Enjoy! ❀



She stood
A stone in the stream
Parting the water with her presence
The current swirls around her
Ribbons of white and blue
Pulling the fabric of her dress
Transforming it into a purple flower
That blossoms in front of her
Bit by bit it dissolves
Tiny petals of violet
Carried off
To some unknown place
Until she is bare
Her skin pale
Her body chilled
Her spirit refreshed
Droplets fall from her hands
When she lifts them into the air
Catching the sun
Containing each a whole universe
Yielding to gravity
Returning back to their source
Like a summer’s rain
Returns eventually to the sea
And the snow on the highest peaks
Nourishes the deepest roots
She was home
Back in the brook
In the heart of the forest
The whispering wind
The faint buzz of bees
Filling her ears
Her mind wiped clean
Of worries and fears
Certain of herself
As she was in her youth
Born again.


Colorful Sydney: Stroll Through the Gardens


The Royal Botanic Garden is one of my favorite places in Sydney.

It’s amazing how many people go running there in the morning or spend their lunch hour there throughout the day.

I imagine that if I lived in Sydney I’d spend countless hours in the garden, enjoying the green and colorful oasis right in the heart of that busy and beautiful city. It’d be perfect– I’d be super fit from running, could have picnics there to soak up inspiration and sun, and relax in the fresh air. 😀


Wishes From Me To You

I have been revising this poem for the last few days, but I think it’s finally finished now; this is the third version of what was quite a bit longer the first time around.

I can’t remember who said it originally— maybe it was Hemingway?— but the teacher I had for my creative writing classes at university told us we should keep writing even if we thought a piece was finished. I did that for my initial draft: I got my ideas out so I had all the “raw materials” to work with. What started out as a very freeform 38-line poem is now a much stronger 20-line piece.

Editing is a hard process for me; it takes me a lot of time and effort and most of the time I cut things out only to put them back shortly after because I figure “I put it there for a reason, why take it out now?”

Each time I approached this poem I managed to chisel a little more away, always tightening the structure, and distilling the words until I had only the essentials. Some lines or images I quite liked didn’t end up in the final version, but that just means I can use them in a different piece.

Typically most of what I write is heavy, sad, or dark. As such, I’m happy to say that this piece deviates from that mood a bit, and moreover that it might be my new favorite 🙂

Enjoy! ❀


Wishes From Me to You

Forget diamonds and pearls
Instead bring me a daisy chain
A thing so delicate
Made with your own two hands

Forget a dozen long stemmed roses
Instead bring me a single flower
You found on your way home
To show me that you thought of me

Forget talk of money and wealth
Instead tell me all your dreams
Share with me your mind and soul
And I’ll share mine with you

Forget a mansion or estate
Instead let us build a simple home
One that grows and shrinks with us
Breathing like we do

Forget a legacy to leave behind
Instead let us build our life
A stream of moments
Bound together by our love