Positives and Negatives


I’ve written before about my love for photography and my fascination with the darkroom. Lately I’ve found myself preferring the older, yet timeless and classic look of black and white photographs, even though the lilies I’ve used as my subject have been beautifully vibrant in the flesh. What’s more is I’ve played around with inverting colors using Photoshop, which does something magical to the black and white images, namely transform them into their corresponding negatives so that they look just as they would appear on the 35mm film I used to use in my high school photo class.

My friend mentioned that a photo I posted reminded him of an Andy Warhol piece and while I’ve never been a huge pop art fan I do enjoy patterns and mirroring so I’ve played around with these elements a bit to get the images I’m sharing here today.

The idea of inverting things in order to see them in a new way– with fresh eyes, so to speak– is something I’ve thought of for some time now and I’ve wondered if I can write some sort of argument or commentary about it. I’ve even considered trying to submit a photo series, along with whatever commentary I manage to pen, to a contemporary art museum. I have started something but it isn’t finished yet, who knows if it will ever reach the light or find an audience. Should I come up with something that I find interesting enough to share I’ll post it here for sure. Meanwhile enjoy these images and always entertain the thought that looking at things just a little bit differently might lead you to learn something new or discover something wonderful.





Behind Me

As I fell asleep last night a line came into my head, followed by another, and another. Initially it was a complete concept after about four lines but as I revisited it today it grew into something slightly longer.

Enjoy this little poem.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of my writer’s block.




Behind me

I look at myself in the mirror.
Your body materializes from the darkness
Coming ever closer
Until your head is over my shoulder
My eyes move down
To watch your arms circle my waist
I melt into your embrace
As your hands touch me
And your fingers brush over my skin
I close my eyes
As you whisper in my ear
The words of which I’ll never tire
Your breath on my neck
sends a shiver down my spine
Made more intense
As I turn to kiss you
Only to find you’re no longer there.


Splash of Color


Lately I’ve felt rather uninspired in the way of words. I wrote a little more on a story I started over a year ago and I’ve tried a couple new poems and observations but none of them really feel right.

My creative energy lately has manifested in designing dresses. I’ve added about a dozen new designs to my collection and creating them digitally using Procreate on my iPad in conjunction with the Apple Pencil makes it quite fun and easy to do. Most of the things I design are evening/formal wear but I don’t have much use for them myself so instead I make myself everyday dresses and skirts. I spent some time looking up cotton fabrics online to get and idea of what’s available and the other day I went to Joann Fabrics and perused the aisles for suitable fabrics.

I don’t often use fabrics with patterns because it’s slightly more complicated than a solid color to work with but the dresses I made for myself this past year turned out well so I figured it’s not a big deal. Also patterns and colors are fun and I want to have more of that in my wardrobe.

As always when I go to a fabric store, far too many appealed to me and each one prompted a slightly different design idea in my head. In the end I committed to the three fabrics you see here.

I will attempt a dress with the Paris fabric that has buttons down the front (thanks to my new-found confidence with buttons and buttonholes :)). The bird fabric might make a cute blouse and skirt combo or just a simple A-line dress with some accents (in the style of the animated Anastasia film, from the boat scene) and the poppy one will be a skirt (almost done already).

Looking forward to completing these projects!


Fruit Smoothie


I made a delicious smoothie yesterday. Here’s the recipe in case you’d like to try it.

  • One banana
  • 1.5 cups frozen mango chunks
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Blend everything together in a blender and enjoy!

The recipe made about three cups of smoothie so you’ve got plenty to share as well.



Fire Lilies


Trader Joe’s has some beautiful flowers. I picked these up a few days ago and had fun taking photos yesterday. The color of the lilies combined with the black tulle makes me think of fire. Or a phoenix.

Happy Tuesday!